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galassi & ortolani srl

galassi & ortolani srl

Galassi & Ortolani srl has been making special valves since 1937.t is divided into several versions and variants and is used, in particular, in the chemical industry, in oil and gas industry and in water processing and distribution. The experience achieved during over 75 years in the making of valves for various-nature fluid-management plants has allowed Galassi & Ortolani to make a name in the plant-construction market as a reference producer both at domestic and international level.

Head office location :

Via Ghirlandaio, 2/4 20096 Pioltello (Milano area) -Italy

official Website address 

Galassi & Ortolani srl main products :

  • BALL VALVES manual , pneumatic and electric operated.
  • GATE VALVES manual, pneumatic and electric operated.
  • PINCH VALVES manual, pneumatic and electric operated.
  • BUTTERFLY VALVES lever, gear, pneumatic and electric operated
  • DIAPHRAGM VALVES manual, pneumatic and electric operated.
  • CHECK VALVES to be horizontally or vertically positioned

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