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AXEL Srl company was founded in 1989 around two core assets, its brand and its people. And, AXEL Srl believe in the principle idea of providing AXEL Srl clients, and or customers with flexible lift solutions.
Now, AXEL Srl one of the best known elevator brands in the world – present in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Since then, Axel has grown to become synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability with the use of precision technology together with exceptional manual craftsmanship. “Headquartered in Milan (Italy), the company is organized in three units: project management, lift and controller manufacturing, thus ensuring flexibility and an exceptional fast response time. It’s common for Axel to provide lifts within a few weeks from the receipt of order.

Head office location:

Via C. Borsini, 14 20094 Corsico Milan – Italy Tel. +39 02 4586 2301

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