elevator manufacturers

the following are the list of top elevator manufacturers :

  1. Otis Elevator Company in United state
  2. KONE Elevators in Finland
  3. SIGMA elevator in Korea
  4. Fujitec elevator company in Japan
  5. Mitsubishi Electric elevator in Japan
  6. Schumacher Elevator Company in United state
  7. TK Elevator in Germany
  8. Schmitt+Sohn Elevators in Germany
  9. AXEL Srl in Italy
  10. Daldoss Elevator in Italy
  11. IFE Elevators Company in China
  12. SELOON Elevator Co Ltd in China
  13. Fujihd elevator company in China
  14. Winone Elevator Company Limited in China
  15. Cibes Lift Group AB in Sweden
  16. kleemann elevator in Greece
  17. BSB Elevator in Turkey
  18. orona elevator in Spain
  19. Astar Elevator in India