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KONE Elevators

KONE CORPORATION are a global leader in the elevators and escalator industry, and KONE Elevators job is to make the world’s cities better places to live.
KONE provides world-class services and innovative solutions for new buildings and existing buildings – everything you need for smooth people flow.

kone company Head office location:

Keilasatama 3 P.O. box 7 02150 Espoo, Finland Tel.: +358(0)204 75 1

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Main Products


KONE company offers innovative and eco-efficient passenger and goods elevators for all types of buildings, from low and mid-rise structures to the world’s tallest skyscrapers.


KONE escalators and autowalks set industry standards for safety, eco-efficiency, and visual design. Their high quality and reliability translate into a low total cost of ownership over their operational lifespan.


kone company building door solutions are designed to ensure the smooth, efficient, and safe flow of people and goods in and out of all types of buildings.

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