fire alarm system manufacturers

fire alarm system manufacturers

Fire alarm system is one of the most important people and premises safety system . all international and local standers require a high quality system to be installed , based on that a lot of manufacturers try to introduce and extend there product line to cover the increased market demands.

the following are the list of top fire alarm system manufacturers :

  1. esser fire alarm system in Germany
  2. notifier fire alarm system in United State
  3. simplex fire alarm system in United State
  4. Eaton fire alarm in United State
  5. hochiki fire alarm in United state
  6. gentex corporation in United State
  7. Honeywell Gent in United Kingdom
  8. system sensor company in United State
  9. zeta alarms ltd in United Kingdom
  10. ases security pvt ltd in India
  11. janus fire systems in United State
  12. potter electric signal company in United State
  13. fire lite in united State
  14. panasonic fire & security europe ab in Sweden
  15. PineTree Fire alarm in India
  16. ELFRI srl in Italy
  17. ARTON fire alarm in Ukraine
  18. adeva fire alarm system in Turkey
  19. eds elektronik in Turkey
  20. SD3 Fire alarm system in France
  21. Ningbo Peasway Electronics Co Ltd in China
  22. autronica fire and security as in Norway
  23. Teletek Electronics JSC in BULGARIA
  24. horing lih industrial co ltd in Taiwan
  25. Schrack Seconet in Austria
  26. Hong Chang Fire Brigade Materials Co Ltd in Taiwan
  27. mircom technologies Ltd in Canada
  28. nsc sicherheitstechnik in Germany
  29. eurotech fire alarm in United Kingdom
  30. kentec electronics ltd in United Kingdom
  31. patol limited in United Kingdom
  32. ctec fire alarm in United Kingdom
  33. haes systems ltd in United Kingdom
  34. electro detectors ltd in United Kingdom
  35. Textel Technologies Pvt. Ltd in India
  36. Sanco S.p.A. in Italy
  37. Codesec Fire Detection and Control Systems in Turkey
  38. Chang Sung Ace Co. Ltd in Korea
  39. ASM Security Ltd in Hungary
  40. DMtech Ltd in Bulgaria
  41. Inim Electronics Srl in Italy
  42. Numens Ambest Electronics Co. Ltd in China
  43. Ningbo Sentek Electronics Co. Ltd in China
  44. ASENWARE LTD in United Kingdom
  45. Ampac Pty Ltd in Australia
  46. Elotec AS in NORWAY
  47. Context Plus Limited in United Kingdom
  48. Vimpex Ltd in united kingdom
  49. Synaps Technology Srl in Italy
  50. Argus Spectrum International in Finland
  51. Safety Technology International Ltd in united kingdom
  52. Detnov Security SL in Spain
  53. RCL International in Lebanon
  54. olympia electronics sa in Greece
  55. Nohmi Bosai Limited in Japan
  56. Fike Corporation in United State

a fire alarm system is installed for protection of life, property and mission.  In order for a fire alarm systems t be useful, it must be able to perform these functions:

  • Detect the presence of fire .
  • Notify the occupants
  • Notify the fire department ( usually through a central station connection )
  • Operate other fire safety functions, e.g., release magnetically held open smoke doors

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