Fire alarm system

janus fire systems

janus Fire Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of UL-Listed/FM Approved Special Hazard Fire Protection Equipment

Company information:

janus fire systems Products

  • Clean Agent Suppression Systems
  • FM-200 Suppression Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Water Based Suppression Systems
  • Fire Alarm System
    • Detection
      • Spot type heat detection
      • Linear heat detection
      • Air sampling smoke detection
      • Standard smoke detection
      • Sophisticated gas & flame detection
    • Manual Stations
      • Discharge stations
      • Key lock-out stations
      • Abort stations
    • Audible and Visual Devices
      • Alarm horns
      • Alarm strobes
      • Alarm bells
      • Explosion proof devices
      • Combination units

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