Mido coatings

Founded in 1979, MIDO «International Group for Modern Coatings» is an Egyptian leading company for high quality Paints and Coating products for multi purposes. The company develops, produces, and distributes specialized chemical products for many areas of application in the automotive, decorative paints, wood coatings, printing inks, and other different industrial products.

MIDO is committed to “Total Customer Satisfaction” through design, manufacture, and supply of high quality Paints and Coatings products. MIDO management is committed to build on its industry leadership by providing total quality. Mido coatings mission is to supply Mido coatings customers with on-time delivery of products, which are of the best possible quality.

Products provided by MIDO shall conform to the requirements specified by Mido coatings customer and/or Mido coatings internal specifications, and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Standard. This commitment to quality shall be realized from product design to final delivery to the end user “the customer”. MIDO brings more than 30 years of experience to the industrial markets Today.

Head office location:

New Borg El-Arab City, 2nd Industrial Zone, Alexandria, Egypt

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