cement companies in saudi arabia

the followings are list of the top cement companies in saudi arabia:

Tabuk Cement Company

cement companies in saudi arabia

Tabuk Cement Company is a Saudi joint stock company wholly owned by individuals and institutions of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries 

Yanbu Cement Company 

yanbu cement company

Yanbu Cement Company was established in 1977 and started operations in 1979. With an initial production capacity of 1,500 tons of clinker daily by two dry ovens, the third dry kiln with a capacity of 1,000 tons of clinker as top cement companies in saudi arabia

Najran Cement Company

najran cement company

The main sponsors of Najran Cement Company belong to the agile business fraternity of the Kingdom. The key management is competent, confident and result oriented. The policy framework and the business traits thereto, are based on a balanced approach towards high performance and sustainable standing.

yamama cement company

yamama cement company

Yamama Cement company was established in1961 by Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Kabeer, mainly to manufacture and trade in cement in Riyadh, the capital of K.S.A

Umm Al Qura Cement Company

Umm Al Qura Cement Company was incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Headquarter is in Riyadh. The company is engaged in the production & sale of cement of all types.

hail cement company

Hail Cement Company is a Saudi joint stock company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange.The company’s activities include the production and distribution of cement of all kinds and its derivatives, building materials, their accessories and derivatives inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company’s main project is cement plant 20 km north of the city of Terba, about 200 km north-east of the city of Hail. Where the factory houses a residential city for workers and a power plant. The management of the company in the city of Hail.

al jouf cement company

al jouf cement company Is a public joint stock company, . The company engages mainly in the production of Portland cement, regular and Sulphate resistant .

qassim cement company (QCC)

Qassim Cement company produces over 4 million metric tons of high quality, superior performance cement.  650 professionals are employed in Cement company state-of-the-art plant working towards the goal of delivering quality products to our customers.

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